[Dec 2022] [Teaching] Dr. Lin successfully completed his first-semester teaching on Dynamics. 81 students, 15 homework, 26 lecture notes, 3 semester exams, and 1 final exam. What a memorable teaching experience!

[Dec 2022] [News] Dr. Lin received the Trifecta Initiative Facilitating Funds Award. Congrats! Link

[Oct 2022] [Service] Dr. Lin, together with Jie Zheng at the University of Arkon, Zhao Qin at Syracuse University, Xiaoguang Dong at Vanderbilt University, Aniruddh Vashisth at the University of Washington organized a session on Extreme Mechanics of Soft Materials by Polymer-network Design at SES2022 at Texas A&M Engineering. What high-quality talks! Link

[Oct 2022] [News] Our lab at Anthony Hall is finally ready to move in. Such great news to share!

[Aug 2022] [Service] Dr. Lin was invited to join the International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing as the Youth Editor. Link

[Aug 2022] [News] Dr. Lin joined Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor!

[June 2022] [Service] I am thrilled to share my new role as Editorial Board Member with the journal Giant. Link