First/Co-first/Corresponding author in refereed journals including Science Advances, PNAS, Nature Communications, Nature Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Matter, JMPS, including 4 ESI Highly Cited Paper

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Publications After Joining MSU

2. Unusual Temperature Dependence of Water Sorption in Semi-crystalline Hydrogels. 

      X. Liu, L. Zhang, B. E. Fil, C. D. Diaz-Marin, Y. Zhong, X. Li, S. Lin*, E. N. Wang*, Advanced Materials, (2023)

1. Smart Steering Sleeve (S3): A Non-Intrusive and Integrative Sensing Platform for Driver Physiological Monitoring [Paper]

      C. Ye, W. Li, Z. Li*, G. Maguluri, J. Grimble, J. Bonatt, J. Miske, N. Lftimia, S. Lin, M. Grimm, Sensor, 22, 7296 (2022)

Selected Publications Before Joining MSU

20. Converging-diverging shock-driven instabilities along soft hydrogel surfaces [Paper]

      D. Pickard, D. Martynowych, J. Lem, A. Koshakji, S. Lin, X. Zhao, K. Nelson, B. Giovanardi, R. Radovitzky, Physical Review E, 107, L022601 (2023)

19. Nanostructured artificial-muscle fibres [Paper]

      S. Lin, X. Zhao*, Nature Nanotechnology, (2022)

18. Fracture and fatigue of entangled and unentangled polymer networks [Paper]

      D. Zheng, S. Lin, J. Ni, X. Zhao*, Extreme Mechanics Letter, 51, 101608 (2021) 

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17. Stretchable anti-fogging tape for diverse transparent materials [Paper]

      S. Lin*, Y. Yang, J. Ni, T. Yoichiro, X. Liu, B. Lu, Y. Tu, J. Zhou, X. Zhao*, G. Chen*, Advanced 

      Functional Materials, 31, 2103551 (2021)

16. Fracture and fatigue of ideal polymer networks [Paper]

      S. Lin, J. Ni, D. Zheng, X. Zhao*, Extreme Mechanics Letter, 48, 101399 (2021)

15. Strong fatigue-resistant nanofibrous hydrogels inspired by lobster underbelly [Paper]

      J. Ni, S. Lin, Z. Qin, D. Veysset, X. Liu, Y. Sun, A. J. Hsieh, R. Radovitzky, K. A. Nelson, X. Zhao*

      Matter, 4, 6 (2021)

      MIT News, Nature Research Highlights.

14. Soft materials by design: unconventional polymer networks give extreme properties [Paper]

      X. Zhao*, X. Chen, H Yuk, S Lin, X. Liu, G. Parada, Chemical Reviews, 121, 8 (2021)

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13. Soft elastic hydrogel couplants for ultrasonography [Paper]

      L. Chen, G. Zeng, D. Guo, J. Liu, X. Zhang*, S. Lin*, K. Zhang*, Materials Science and 

      Engineering: C, 119, 111609 (2021)

12. Fracture of polymer networks with topological defects [Paper]

      S. Lin, X. Zhao, Physical Review E, 102, 052503 (2020)

11. Fatigue-resistant hydrogel adhesions [Paper]

      J. Liu, S. Lin, X. Liu, Z. Qin, Y. Yang, J. Zang*, X. Zhao*, Nature Communications 11, 1071 


      ESI Highly Cited Paper, 2020 Top 50 Chemistry and Materials Science Articles

10. Muscle-like fatigue-resistant hydrogels by mechanical training [Paper]

      S. Lin, J. Liu, X. Liu, X. Zhao*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116, 10244-10249 (2019) 

      MIT News

9. Anti-fatigue-fracture hydrogels [Paper]

    S. Lin, X. Liu, J. Liu, H. Yuk, H.-C. Loh, G. A. Parada, C. Settens, J. Song, A. Masic, G. H. McKinley, X. Zhao*, Science Advances, 5, eaau8528 (2019) 

      ESI Highly Cited Paper

8. Ingestible hydrogel device [Paper]

    X. Liu, C. Steiger, S. Lin, G. A. Parada, J. Liu, H. F. Chan, H. Yuk, N. V. Phan, J. Collins, S. Tamang, G. Traverso, X. Zhao*, Nature Communications, 10, 493 (2019)

    MIT News, BBC News, The Washington Post

7. Material-stiffening suppresses elastic fingering and fringe instabilities [Paper]

    S. Lin, Y. Mao, H. Yuk, X. Zhao*, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 139-140, 96-104   


6. Instabilities in confined elastic layers under tension: fringe, fingering, and cavitation [Paper]

    S. Lin, Y. Mao, R. Radovitzky, X. Zhao*, Journal of the Mechanics Physics of Solids, 106, 229-256 (2017)

5. Fringe instability in constrained soft elastic layers [Paper]

    S. Lin, T. Cohen, T. Zhang, H. Yuk, R. Abeyaratne, X. Zhao*, Soft Matter, 12, 8899-8906 (2016)

4. Stretchable hydrogel electronics and devices [Paper]

    S. Lin, H. Yuk, T. Zhang, G. A. Parada, H. Koo, C. Yu, X. Zhao*, Advanced Materials, 28, 4497-4505 (2016)

    ESI Highly Cited Paper

3. Predicting fracture energies and crack-tip fields of soft tough materials [Paper]

    T. Zhang, S. Lin, H. Yuk, X. Zhao*, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 4, 1-8 (2015)

2. Designing extremely resilient and tough hydrogels via delayed dissipation [Paper]

    S. Lin, Y. Zhou, X. Zhao*, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 1, 70-75 (2014)

1. Design of stiff, tough and stretchy hydrogel composites via nanoscale hybrid crosslinking and macroscale fiber reinforcement [Paper]

    S. Lin, C. Cao, Q. Wang, M. Gonzalez, J. E. Dolbow, X. Zhao#, Soft Matter, 10, 7519-7527 (2014)